Under the sun of Dobrogea

State-of-the-art agricultural technologies and generous natural resources

  • Afitomate is an innovative farm, where the fruitfulness of the soil meets the most modern automated systems for controlling growing conditions, and the employees' care for the taste of the vegetables and their care is like their own garden. We use the best traditional and modern techniques to grow delicious tomatoes and vegetables sustainably. In addition to tomatoes, we grow low temperature vegetables (lettuce, green onions, green garlic, spinach, radishes), aubergines in summer/autumn glasshouses and autumn cabbages in the open.

  • We came into existence in 2020, by purchasing the land in the Miorița vegetable area; in the same year the construction of the farm started. The administrative area of 8700 sqm includes a workshop and packaging equipment, vegetable cold store, warehouse, security building and security system. The self-built solariums cover an area of 4.86 ha. We provide a complete production cycle, from seedling production to cold storage of vegetables.

  • Fertile soil in the Miorița vegetable growing area

    We grow carefully selected, exceptional varieties for tomato crops. We make efficient use of agricultural land, ensuring a continuous flow of produce at optimum quality and quantity standards.

  • Technology plays a major role in our solariums

    We create perfect growing conditions: automation of ventilation, openings and fertigation systems based on internal temperature and humidity sensors; video security system, fibre optic communication, automation and remote control.

  • Sustainability and local community support

    We employ farm workers from nearby communities, and have made it our mission to provide quality produce to all who want to eat healthy. Drip irrigation systems ensure that plant nutrients are provided in the most sustainable way, without wasting water.

Our farm

Some quick facts for you

  • 14 Solariums for growing vegetables

  • 7 varieties of tomatoes and 7 types of other vegetables

  • 4.86ha Cultivated area

  • 50t Refrigerated storage capacity

  • 200sqm Area for seedlings

Downloadeaza Brosura AfiTomate

Order tomatoes and fresh vegetables

Delivery and distribution for all types of customers

Tomatoes and fresh vegetables from Dobrogea.

Our customers are large retailers, supermarket chains, hypermarkets, canned food producers, vegetable and produce stores, Horeca distribution companies.
Delivery is made both directly from the point of production (farm) and with transport provided by us, within a radius of 100 km and with a minimum quantity ordered (one tonne). Transport is by isothermal truck with a capacity of 3.5 t.

About us

Our competitive advantages

Integrated production processes, modern equipment and automated processes.

Focus on sustainable growth, use and development of local resources.

  • Selected varieties, hardy and tasty

    Seven varieties of tomatoes, exceptional varieties, resistant to pathogens as well as to transport and storage conditions.

  • Natural pollination with bumblebees

    Excellent pollinators in greenhouses and solariums, bumblebees replace the use of hormones in pollination and increase production, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

  • Cold stores in optimal conditions

    A hall with four independent cold rooms and a total capacity of 50 tons of tomatoes, arranged on stainless steel shelves.

  • State-of-the-art technology in the solar farms

    Automation of entrances and closures, remote-controlled fertigation, video-monitored security systems, ventilation.

  • Own nursery for growing seedlings

    200 m² seedling nursery connected to the administration building's central heating system.

  • Experienced and dedicated team

    All employees are local and have experience in vegetable growing. Our business contributes to the financial support of the local community.

Modern, sustainable solariums producing over 1000 kg of vegetables daily

All solariums are equipped with shading nets, ventilation systems, drip tube fertigation and a crop support system anchored to the solarium structure. Solarino’s digital solution automatically controls openings and irrigation based on parameters received from the outdoor weather station and indoor temperature and humidity sensors. The security video system also provides fibre-optic communication for solarium automation and control via telephone.

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