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Tomatoes and fresh vegetables from Dobrogea

In one of the most fertile soils in Romania, the fertile soil of Dobrogea, under the sun of the Bărăgan, we created the Afitomate farm to grow and cultivate tomatoes. In 14 solarii and five hectares cultivated with carefully selected varieties, the whole technological process has one goal: the quality and taste of these essential vegetables for health. You are what you eat is not just a slogan for us, but the conviction with which we started this project. From the selection of dozens of tomato varieties, to the automatic control of the solariums, to the care with which we pick and care for each plant, at Afitomate we produce healthy, nutrient-rich and flavourful vegetables.

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Modern technologies and processes with efficient resource management.

Perfect conditions for growing, raising and harvesting tomatoes

Modern, sustainable solar plants producing more than 1000 kg of vegetables/day.

We support natural processes and soil organic fertility through state-of-the-art crop management systems. Automation of ventilation, openings and fertigation systems based on parameters received from the outdoor weather station and indoor temperature and humidity sensors, video security systems, fibre optic communications, automation and remote control are some of the systems we use to ensure a controlled, optimal tomato growing process.

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Delivery and distribution for all types of customers

Our customers are large retailers, supermarket chains, hypermarkets, canned food producers, vegetable and produce stores, Horeca distribution companies.
Delivery is made both directly from the point of production (farm) and with transport provided by us, within a radius of 100 km and with a minimum quantity ordered (one tonne). Transport is by isothermal truck with a capacity of 3.5 t.

Our vegetables

We have selected seven tomato varieties that we grow all year round: Devonet F1, Ciciu F1, Vitara F1, Motril F1, Ferdinand F1, Landolino F1 and Black Pearl F1. They are hybrid varieties, with extra early and early planting, with good taste and various shapes and sizes, resistant to pathogens as well as to transport and storage conditions. We ensure a complete production cycle, growing seedlings in our own nurseries and storing production in cold stores with a capacity of over 50 tonnes. In addition to tomatoes, we also grow seasonal vegetables: lettuce, green onions, green garlic, spinach, radishes, aubergines and autumn cabbage.

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